Pricing & Conditions of Hire

Here are our hall terms and conditions of hire: VH Terms

How do I book the Hall for an event I want to hold?Always look online first to see if the date is free and then email Chris Brown at or on 07754 571782.

How much does it cost to hire the Hall?

From 1st October 2023 the charges for private, charitable and other parish functions will be:

  • Local clubs and Corfe Societies £20 / hr (for April to September inclusive this is £15 / hr), with an extra 30 minutes each side free for setting up / tidying up.
  • We charge £50 / hr for the first 2 hours plus £15 per hour thereafter, with an extra 30 minutes each side free for setting up / tidying up. Corfe residents (and those living in the immediate vicinity) get a 20% discount.
  • The charge for a full day will be £125, again with the 20% discount for Corfe residents.
  • Bank Holidays will be double rate for non-regular bookings.
  • Charity events (quizzes, coffee mornings, etc) to be charged a flat £10.
  • No charge for village wide events like the coronation, or for Parish Council or Church meetings.

Hiring for business and commercial purposes, whole day bookings and special occasions such as weddings will have individual charges.

Please contact the Bookings Manager or the Hall Treasurer for more information.


What facilities are in the Hall? –The Hall comes with all the facilities that are likely to be needed for you to hold a social event including a fully equipped kitchen, chairs, tables, music system etc [look on the website for more detail] If you have not used the Hall before then we will arrange for Chris to meet with you and show you everything you need to know.

How do I pay?Payment is made by either paying cash on the day or via a BACS payment at the end of the month that the booking takes place. When confirming the booking you will be asked to say which method of payment you will be using.


INSURANCE – Corfe Village Hall is insured with Zurich Insurance.

The buildings are covered against fire and theft. The Village Hall is covered for public liability.

The Village Hall is NOT insured, nor accepts liability for any article damaged or stolen belonging to anyone hiring or using the Hall.

Marquees, Bouncy Castles etc., erected on the adjoining Queen’s Acre field will also NOT be insured by the Hall

The Village Hall is insured in respect of breakage of glass and sanitary fittings and for personal accident to officers of Corfe Village Hall (see policy for limits).


If you would like to get involved with making the most of your Village Hall then please get in touch, we would love to hear from you. Please email us on