Village Agent



A big welcome to Gary Larsen, who became our new Village Agent in September 2016 representing us on the Community Council for Somerset. Gary has taken over from Trudi Morgan. We would like to thank Trudigary-larsen for her hard work in the role.

Gary worked as a Police Officer for over 34 years in various roles across Merseyside and Avon and Somerset. One of his specialist roles was as the Force Crime Prevention Officer giving advice to individuals and companies on Crime Prevention through Environmental Design.

Following this, he worked for  Victim Support Somerset as a Service Delivery manager helping people who had been affected by Serious Crime and managing a large team of volunteers who assisted him with this work.

He has recently worked within AgeUk assisting elderly clients with benefit advice and information.



Gary says, “ I believe that a Village Agent is an integral part of the rural community, supporting, helping and guiding residents to find solutions to their own personal issues. I look forward to improving the quality of life for them and assisting the wider community in any way I can”.


If you’d like to get in touch with Gary, you can email him, or phone him on 07931 018019