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VHall Minutes 15.02.24



Plans have been developed for an extension to the current Village Hall to provide additional storage room and a separate meeting/function room. The extension will enable the Metal Storage container to be removed and the scope of activities in the Village Hall to be expanded. The attached plans are being submitted for planning approval. However, the internal design can be finalised after planning approval.   A prerequisite for funding from support organisations such as the ‘Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Village Halls Fund’ is having planning consent. Whilst the Village Hall has a substantial fund which can be invested in this project funding from support organisations will be essential if the project is to proceed. This entry will be updated as the project progresses.  


Any comments, please contact Nigel at


VH OPTION 2 Floor Plan

VH OPTION 2 Elevations

VH OPTION 2 Roof Plan

VH OPTION 2 Location Plan

VH OPTION 2 Site Plan


Here is the Full Planning Permission’ for the revised plan.

Corfe VH Full Planning Permission – 10 Jan 24