Coronavirus – Village Information and Resources


We have set up helpline numbers which you can call if you need help. All numbers are available between 8am and 6pm. Call if you need help or just a chat if you’re isolated and feeling lonely.

– 07465 405533 (Sammie Millard-Jones)

– 07999 708937 (John Harrison)

– 07395 932428 (Brian Lenthall)

– 07519 096009 (David Bradbeer)

– 07385 792954 (Jane Sanders)


Residents can also contact the village email address –

The account is being monitored constantly, so get in touch if you need anything.


There is a Corfe Facebook page:


There is also a Facebook community group that has been set up for the coronavirus crisis. It is for people to share ideas and seek out help. It is part of a network of local groups in this part of Somerset on which administrators are sharing information.

The location is:

It is a closed group. No password is needed to access the page. People just apply to join and the next available administrator approves them.


If you are not on the general Corfe mailing list at present, then register at:



There is a group of volunteers to cover all parts of the village who can help with shopping. If you call the helplines, you’ll be directed to a volunteer to help you.

Please let us know if you would like to volunteer.


Village Hall and The Queen’s Acre

As a village we recognise that it’s impossible for us to keep our residents and visitors safe in the communal spaces that we operate. In the interests of everyone’s safety and wellbeing the Village Hall, Queen’s Acre, and its associated play area are now closed to the public and the gate has been locked. We thank you for your understanding in our efforts to help enforce social distancing.

Please also note that the Village Hall is no longer taking bookings and all village events have been cancelled. The Corfe Village AGM scheduled for 5 May will now take place later in the year.


The White Hart

Stef and Jo at The White Hart have really gone the extra mile, however, they have now been told to self-isolate and so will no longer be able to offer a takeaway service.



Other Local Food/ Groceries

There is a community shop at the Queens Arms in Pitminsterselling most of the basics.

The shop is open from 11am-2pm and 5pm-7pm.

If you need anything out of these times please ring the bell at the front.

Please be patient

Their phone number is 01823 421529.

The Lamb and Flag in Blagdon is offering a similar service

They say prices are fluctuating all the time and they will try to keep an updated price list at the pub. While they will aim to keep some items in stock it is likely you will need to order these things 24 hours in advance. To do this please phone the pub directly with your requests. They are trying to avoid handling cash as much as possible so please can you pay over the phone when you order or by contactless when you collect.

The phone number is 01823 421823




Bailey & Down Newsagents

For food staples for delivery, call: 01460 432745


Fresh Fish

Depending on supply, Frank the Fish Man will come to Corfe on a Tuesday.

He will park at the Village Hall at 5pm.

He accepts payment by BACS (and cash).

For the latest info, look at his Facebook page:


Thai Food

Fon, the lady who runs the Thai food evenings, is still able to offer food for freezers for £5 with free delivery to Corfe. Minimum order £10.

She has listed seven menu choices: Red Curry Chicken or Veg with Rice; Green curry Chicken or Veg with Rice; Pad ka Pow mince Beef with Rice; Massaman Chicken or Beef with Potatoes; Egg fried rice with Chicken or Veg; Tom yum Chicken Veg no rice; Pad Thai Chicken.

Pre order now until 10am tomorrow (for tomorrow afternoon delivery).

Payment is online or over the phone.

Her phone number is 07510 319802


Taunton & Pickeridge Golf Club

For now, our local golf club is offering a food shop, with fruit, veg, and some meat (subject to availability)

They order on a Monday and a Wednesday.

Order and pay over the phone.

The shop is open for collection from 9am-3pm

Make sure to bring your own bag.

The number is 01823 421537



Barbera Fierek has spare fresh eggs from her backyard hens.

She will leave boxes in the front porch by the logs or refill your own boxes for hygiene.

It’s £1 for six, mixed sizes (like the hens!). Folk can leave a coin in the wooden mailbox on the side of the house.

Barbara lives at Winton, on the main road just up from the thatched cottages.


Online Fraud Prevention

Fraudsters are increasingly targeting individuals and businesses using the pandemic as a manipulation tool to install malware and steal personal information.

On the website, there is an information pack of three documents with advice about ransomware, phishing, working from home, and online fraud. These are the most prevalent attacks that the UK police forces are seeing right now due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The documents include a quick reference guide, a presentation, and a written information document. They advise the reader of the current threats and how to create a stronghold for themselves while working from home or using the internet for personal reasons.

Any feedback or questions can be directed to the email address included in the documents.


The latest scam seems to be that scammers have been sending fake texts to individuals threatening a fine for leaving home. The text claims that the UK Government has been tracking your movements and that you left the home on given dates and travelled a specified distance. You are then told that you have to pay a fine, which will increase the longer you take to pay it. THIS IS A SCAM. It uses the name of a civil authority and preys on your worry that it will cost more if you ignore it. Delete the text and never click on any link in a message from someone you don’t know. The BBC Website has more information on this and can be found by following this link below:



The Blackdown Support Network are happy to pick up medicines.


Community Matters

CM is a bi-monthly magazine which provides a great way to keep up to date on village news.

In light of the lockdown, the publisher has taken the decision to distribute the spring edition online in the first instance. Unfortunately, this means the file size has been reduced and that the quality of some of the photos and ads has been compromised. They still intend to distribute hard copies in due course when they feel it is appropriate to do so.

Anyone who wishes to subscribe to the hard copy for future issues should contact Gaynor Lewis.


Corfe Lifts

Having carefully looked at the advice from HMG, Corfelifts service is being suspended for the time being, as we have many drivers and passengers in the vulnerable groups who should not be exposed to any unnecessary risks.

Dog Mess

We have been asked by a number of parishioners to highlight the issue of dog mess given the sharp increase at the entrance to all paths and also along the private grass verges on the approach to Barton Grange.

It is great to see so many new dogs around the village, but would owners please remove up their mess from places where people walk.

Thank you for your consideration.



And Finally…

Well done to all Corfe residents who joined in last Thursday with the ‘clap for carers’ when millions of people stood on their doorsteps to say thank you to NHS workers.

This wonderful tribute will now take place every Thursday at 8pm during the lockdown.