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After many years, our coordinator Pat Evans has had to give up on health grounds. The coordinator takes calls from passengers and puts them in touch with our drivers. Anyone who might be interested please contact KEN BROWN (Hon Sec) on 01823 421549   or JACQUELINE BRESLIN 01823 420011.   The […]

Corfelifts – Vacancy

Here is a link to the HE document.  

HE Document for A358/M5 Link

Important press release from TDBC

TDBC response to Highways England

Have your say at: Read the document at:    

Proposed Road Construction

Click on the Galleries tab above to see all the latest photos from the Fete, Flower Festival and Scarecrow Day

New Photos in the Gallery

Corfe has a new Village Agent. His name is Gary Larsen. For more details, please go to the ‘About Corfe’ Tab at the top of the website.    

New Village Agent – Gary Larsen

A new photo gallery has been added capturing our first “pop-up” comedy club in the village. Apologies in advance for the poor picture quality in the low lighting, and if you weren’t there, you probably have no idea why “Bombay Mix” features so heavily! 🙂 You can view the pictures here.

“Village Idiots” Photos Added